I love when I hear a song and right away I put it on repeat. When the opening line makes me tap my toes and by the chorus I’m forwarding it to everyone I know. A musical act hasn’t knocked me off my seat in a while. No doubt there has been some amazing music lately, but JD McPherson‘s revitalization of classic rock ‘n’ roll picked me up and slammed me to the wall. His brand of classic bluesy rock ‘n’ roll has put me on a mission to get a good old fashioned dance party happening in my city. My friend Bryan put JD’s song “Northside Gal” off of his Hi-Style Records release on his Facebook page last week and I had purchased the album before the song was done.

Regular readers know that I have a friend who I discuss music with on a weekly basis, so naturally I had to share this album with Bodden. This is what he said about it.

“I stopped in at the Source last night. I was browsing for iPod Sound Docks. They asked if I had my iPod on me, and if so to test some out. I don’t really use an iPod anymore, I have a lot of tunes on my phone. So I put it on the base, and gave it a go. The last thing I was playing was JD. So that’s what I busted out. The lady (employee) kept telling me to put it louder. I was slowly turning it up. But she wasn’t satisfied. She came over and completely cranked it. JD was rocking The Source. Definitely a “had to be there” type moment. The lady asked if I was in to “old” music, assuming JD was from days gone by. I said he is current. She was really surprised and wanted to keep hearing more. She sort of hijacked my phone and was holding me hostage in store. She was loving it too. Cranking it on every dock they had.”

Come on, that says something about an album if even the lady at your local electronics shop can’t get enough of it. I know that this album will be blasting on your radio, ipod, computer or even walkmen, once you hear the first song.


I could go into some spiel about how I was transported in time listening to this record or how when I played it for my dad he looked more excited than when I graduated highschool. But his album Signs & Signifiers speaks for itself. I promise that once you grab your copy HERE, you’ll be buying one for your mom, dad, BFF and neighbour. Let the good times roll!

JD McPherson – Scratching Circles
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