New Years 2012 Party at Club Absinthe

What a year and what a party.

Not only was last night an unreal party at Club Absinthe, but those who attended, were a part of history. It was the last event ever at their current location. Congrats to Marko and Tina on such a successful run and good luck at the new venue.

Ok, I know, less words, more photos.

Happy New Year!!!!!




MvM Motown Christmas Party – December 21 2011

I won’t waste time writing about last night because words won’t do last nights party any justice. It was unreal.

We managed to break a record and Club Absinthe hit capacity before 11pm. Thank you so much everyone.

We had a visit from good ol’ St. Nick last night as well.

Enough with the words and more with the photos.

Merry Christmas Everyone!



TOE JAM MONDAYS: Allen Stone, The Organ, Allo Darlin’ + Voilent Femmes

I had to post a video for this song. I had no idea what Allen Stone looked like – and not that it matters – but it’s not what I imagined and I love how he surprised me. His soulful voice and smooth melodies will make anyone a fan. Listen for the falsetto at the 4 minute mark. I had to stop what I was doing and rewind to listen again. So good. Great song and great album. Click HERE to grab it.


This song has been kicking around for a while, but I recently found a mix tape I made in Unveristy and it rekindled my love for this track. The Organ are no longer together, but this Vancouver based band’s album Sinking Hearts is still a keeper with its Smiths influenced sound.

The Organ – No One Has Ever Looked So Dead

I don’t even remember how this song ended up in my library but everytime “Darren” by Allo Darlin’ comes on it makes me smile. I only have one other song by this band and its about falling in love with a girl who listens to Wu Tang. So I’m sure I’ll be hunting for more.

Allo Darlin’ – Darren

This last one is an oldie but a goodie. I remember hearing this song when my older cousins played it at the cottage and it changed my life. It was catchy and kooky and sent me to find out more.

Voilent Femmes – American music

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A number of years ago a friend of mine, who had been living in New York, moved back to Toronto. I remember her telling me about a restaurant reservation website called Open Table. It was very popular in New York, but not in Toronto.  She had booked a reservation in Toronto and the maître d’ was actually surprised when she showed up for dinner – they had recently signed up for the service and didn’t think customers would use it.  Fast forward about five years and Open Table services a slew of restaurants in Toronto and beyond.

Open Table is, as I mentioned, a restaurant reservation website (an app version is also available).  You can search by name, location, or preferred dining time.  It’s a great way to make sure you get into those hard to book restaurants, find new restaurants in your area, and confirm your dinner plans at any point in your day – early morning or at 4am, long after the restaurant has locked its doors. The only limitation is restaurants have to have signed up with Open Table, so you don’t get a full composite list of restaurants in your area.  For composite searches, try UrbanSpoon or Yelp.

The Open Table interface is cleanly designed and very easy to use. Of course, to entice customers to use Open Table verses the old fashioned telephone-booking system, there is a rewards program.  For every reservation you make on Open Table (and then show up for), you get 10 points.  After you collect 100 points, or fulfill ten reservations, you’ll get a $20 gift card applicable in any Open Table affiliated restaurant mailed to you.

There have been days where I literally stood outside my restaurant of choice and booked on Open Table just to get my points.  It’s become a bit of an obsession, like collecting hockey cards or Archie comics.

There are a lot of amazing restaurants in Toronto on Open Table.  Some of the highlights outside the GTA that I am hoping to review over the holidays are Quatrefoil in Dundas and Treadwells in Port Dalhousie.  Hopefully, with Open Table’s help, I’ll have the best seat in the house, or at least a guaranteed seat in the house – and maybe $20 off my bill!


I Say Disco/You Say Punk – RIP – December 17 2011

For the past 5 years, Saturday nights in Hamilton have been known as I Say Disco/You Say Punk. The legendary night that Club Absinthe has been putting on has come to an end. They say all good things must come to an end, but I don’t believe it. I believe that good things come from good things. This party has brought so much good to all of us and our city.

Last night was a great send off for the party. Look for a new Saturday night at Club Absinthe starting in 2012.

Want a little history on this night? This is taken from MC Uncle Buck’s (Adam) facebook page.

‘What a long, strange trip it’s been’ – Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead

They say all good things must come to an end, and that time is now for Disco/Punk.

It’s been almost six years of dancing and drinking Saturday nights away at D/P, and while we still have a blast doing it, we feel its the right time to say goodbye. As Neil Young famously said: ‘It’s better to burn out then to fade away.’

We want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for spending your time with us all of these years. I joined Disco/Punk about three weeks in to it’s run back in 2006, and I never could have imagined how big it would get, or how many amazing people I would meet along the way.

D/P was started by Simon Toye as a way to provide something to do for people who hated nightclubs, but wanted to dance. I remember feeling immediately how different and special it seemed, and I know I wasn’t alone. In many ways it was a counterpart to the ‘hipster’ movement happening in cities like LA, Toronto and New York.. and we did our best to keep that feeling going. People like Mark the Cobrasnake, The Rapture, Junior Boys, Graham from Thunderheist, and even Albert Hammond from The Strokes came through to see what all the fuss was about.

Obviously, we could not have done it without you. All of you. You all danced so hard and partied even harder, sweating through your clothes and spending more than your fair share of Sunday’s trying to piece together the night before. It was never about how much money you spent or how much your clothes cost.. all that mattered was the music, the people and the drinks..and we made sure those drinks were extra strong. People met their spouses at our party, and more than a few relationships ended in a drunken mess right in the middle of the dance floor. Even I’ve been carried out of there by a bouncer or two. It was a special night that we will carry with us the rest of our lives.. and again, we thank you all for making it happen.

We’ve had an unreal list of resident DJs over the years. Simon Toye, Zach Frank, Justin Wood, Digi Snail, Jason Mante, and Aaron Gurman all poured their time, energy and creativity in to making this night successful, as has Gunner who brought the show to the radio waves. Also more than deserving of a thank you is Billy Pozeg, who booked and promoted the hell outta this thing.. and also put up with my weekly insanity and outrageous demands. To the bar staff, door guys, bouncers and Jeff, Jer, Anthony, Jamieson, Shea or anyone else that frantically helped with sound issues when the djs were too drunk to see.. thank you for keeping the trainwreck on the tracks. A big thank you also to Stephanie Trendocher, Luis Mora, Jay Perry and Chad for making sure we had photographic evidence of the mayhem all of these years.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank Marko and Tina (the owners of the Absinthe) for letting us do what we did each and every week. I can’t remember a week that went by where I didn’t feel like the luckiest dude in the world to have this job.

So, for one last Saturday.. come dance your ass off and make a few bad choices. We’re going out in a big way, with Dj sets by members of the Arkells, The Reason, and San Sebastian (fitting, as San Sebastian used to play D/P all the time before they became rockstars) and we’re raising money for charity while we’re at it.

Again, thank you for a wonderful six years. There’s more big news coming from the club, so stay tuned!

We’ll see you kids on the dance floor.



What an unreal five years.

Here are some photos from last nights party.


TOE JAM MONDAYS: Kings of Leon, The Black Keys + The Coppertone


I’m a little obsessed with talk radio – or podcasts. There is nothing better to brighten up your work day than learning something new and interesting that you can share at dinner parties when the conversation gets awkward and boring. And WNYC’s RadioLab is one of the best out there. Being a music fan, this is an episode that comes up often and always starts a worthwhile conversation.

Now, on to some tunes that stood out for me this week. I’ve been under the weather, hence the chill vibe to this week’s picks – but still amazing tracks that helped me through the week. Enjoy!

I was such a big fan of Kings of Leon previous albums that when Come Around Sundown came out and it had a different sound – I was too quick to judge. I thought they had lost their edge. But I’m never afraid to admit when I’m wrong. I never gave this album the praise it deserves. Ya, it’s a different sound than Aha Shake Heartbreak, but this albums more chill vibe is what makes it so great. If you shoved it aside too soon like me, give it another chance. I think you’re mind might be changed.

Kings of Leon – The Face

No question The Black Keys have a good thing going. But, I just love the simplicity of this song. Tender words and a couple simple chords. Sometimes I love over-production in a song – but other times I’m a simple kinda gal. This track is from their 2006 release “Magic Potion”

The Black Keys – You’re The One

The Coppertone has come to my city on numerous occasions and I have yet to put a face to an album that I love. This track is a great example of what she can do. So good.

The Coppertone – Heroine
Happy Listening!

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