Yesterday was 20 degrees in Hamilton. To some of you reading, this may seem like useless information, or even the temperature of an uncharacteristically cold day. But for a city that had a snow day just last month, this felt like the middle of summer.

Nice weather is always welcomed with good moods and good tunes in our house. The windows opened, a warm breeze filling the apartment and a good album set as the soundtrack. These are the days I crave as winter becomes that friend that is fun at first but within a couple of months you are willing to fake a contagious disease just to get them out of your hair.

I had an album that needed my full attention and this was a perfect time.

It has been 3 years since The Kills released their last record Midnight Boom but their 2011 effort Blood Pressures was released last week and it was worth the wait.

I was writing my weekly email to Bodden about new albums I had heard and upcoming releases. I was absolutely loving Blood Pressures, but was having a hard time pinpointing exactly what it was that I loved and how to express it in words. I just sent him my early favourites, saying that I couldn’t take the disc off repeat and asked what his thoughts were.

He said “I’m LOVING The Kills. The entire album – it is such a ‘cool’ listen. Not sure what ‘cool’ means. But I feel like that is the best way to describe it. (DNA, Baby Says, The Last Goodbye) is a sick triplet of tunes.”

I think ‘cool’ was the word I was looking for too. Alison Mosshart is everything you want in a female vocalist. She is ballsy, loud, raspy and leather-clad – and Jamie Hince is her perfect compliment. Taking cues from The White Sripes, this is a powerhouse duo that perfects the clashing of rock ‘n’ roll with catchy electro hooks.

The Kills – Heart Is A Beating Drum
[audio:|titles=03 Heart Is A Beating Drum]

An early favourite that still holds that place is “Baby Says”. It’s beat grabs you, but its the edge of sweetness in her voice that keeps me listening. They have a similarly softer song called “Baby’s Eyes” off of their 2005 release No Wow. I wonder who Baby is and how she’s doing now.

The Kills – Baby Says
[audio:|titles=07 Baby Says]

The Kills – Baby’s Eyes
[audio:|titles=11 Baby’s Eyes]

This album is amazing from start to finish. Whether you’re walking around town, relaxing outside or getting ready for the weekend – this album will make the sky seem bluer and the grass greener. I couldn’t have asked for a cooler band to welcome the first hot weekend of 2011.

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