Today is the day we salute the man who had a big part in who we are today. No matter how big or small the role, remember to say thank you to your Dad.

On Friday I posted Top 5 Dads from TV and today I thought I would do a special Sunday edition of Top Five Fridays and list what I think are the top 5 Dads from Movies. Again, you may have a different opinion and I would love to hear your top 5 lists or who you think I may have missed.

With that being said, here are my picks for Top 5 Dads from Movies.

5. Darth Vader

Darth Vader, also known as Anakin Skywalker has held many job titles in his life. From Jedi Knight to Dark Lord of the Sith to Supreme Commander, there is one title he may be most proud of: Dad. Father to Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa, Darth has become one of the most well known fathers in Hollywood history. It’s crazy to think that someone filled with such evil can be such an iconic figure.

Nobody praises Darth Vader for being the worlds #1 Dad, but we do see his loyalty in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi when he sacrifices himself to save Luke from the Emperor, (as seen in the clip below). This is one of the times we see compassion from Darth towards his son.

Who knew that such an evil villain would make my top five list. Maybe it’s his importance to the Star Wars franchise or my obsession with these movies but either way he’s a father and deserves to be recognized. HFD Darth.

Darth Vader’s ideal Fathers Day gift: 10-Day Caribbean Cruise


4. Clark Griswold

Played by Chevy Chase in the popular National Lampoon’s _______ Vacation movies, Clark is a middle class man who only wants the best for his family. I’m sure we have all seen most of these movies so I won’t go into detail about them. When we were young, the only thing we wanted to do was go to Disney Land. Clark tries his best to fill these requests by his children but opts to take them on…… less expnsive vacations.

Even though the destinations may not be the best or the road to get there isn’t always paved with a yellow brick road, it’s the thought and effort that makes Clark a great father. He’s a family man at heart and sometimes that is rare to find. HFD Clark.

Clark Girswold’s ideal Fathers Day gift: More Christmas lights.

3. Daniel Hillard/Euphegenia Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire, a classic movie released in 1993, was a film showing the great lengths a father would take to spend time with his children. Daniel HIllard, played by Robin Williams, is a recently unemployed voice actor who seemed to never grow up. After numerous immature antics, his wife decided to file for a divorce and move on with her life. As Daniel had no job and his residence wasn’t up to par to raise a family in, the courts granted custody of the children to their mother. Daniel was allowed to see them only on Saturday evenings. As a father, this wasn’t acceptable and he decided to apply for the housekeeping position that his ex-wife had posted. Ok, we all know the movie so I won’t go on anymore about it.

The idea that someone would dress up in women’s clothing, wear makeup, and live a double life to spend time with his children is something he deserves huge kudos for. Ok, it may not be the best way to go about doing it, but it’s more about the effort that he is putting in. His children mean the world to him and he didn’t even second guess taking these extreme measures to see his children. HFD Daniel.

Daniel HIllard’s ideal Fathers Day gift: Coach purse.

2. Mufasa

As the title character from the animated movie The Lion King, Mufasa is the Great King of the Pride Lands and more importantly, father to Simba. Numerous times throughout this film, Simba gets into troublesome situations where he is then taught lessons by his father. Mufasa is later killed by sacrificing himself while saving Simba during a wildebeest stampede. Simba thought he was responsible for his fathers death and at first he doesn’t realize that his father would take a bullet for him no matter the situation.

It was now up to Simba to take back the land once ruled by his father. There is a point in the movie where he doesn’t feel like he is powerful enough to take on this big feat until his fathers spirt comes to him and instills the necessary confidence in him.

One of the most important things we want from our fathers is for them to be proud of us and to believe in everything we do. Mufasa is a great example of this and had an important role in the success of Simba. HFD Mufasa.

Mufasa’s ideal Fathers Day gift: A cold beer.

1. Chris Gardner

If you have never seen the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, I strongly recommend it especially if you are in need of some motivation. Chris Gardner, was a man who only wanted one thing and that was to provide a better life for his son Christopher Jr. After struggling with homelessness and poverty, we see his will and determination to never give up. Chris is the model for hard work paying off.

I am definitely choosing Chris Gardner as my Hollywood Father of the Year. I can’t understand how one can even get through all the failures that have occurred in his life. He is an inspiration for everyone.

Raising a child on your own must be one of the hardest tasks anyone can be presented with but Chris shows us that no matter how hard the task may be, when your heart is in it, there is nothing that can stop you. HFD Chris

Chris Gardner’s ideal Fathers Day gift: Spend time with his Son.


Honourable Mentions
Sonny Kaufax (Movie: Big Daddy – Actor: Adam Sandler)
George Banks (Movie: Father of the Bride – Actor: Steve Martin)
Robert “Rocky” Balboa Jr. (Movie: Rocky series – Actor: Sylvester Stallone)

Again, these are based on the character in the movie and not the person who played the role. Some of these movies are fictional and some are based on facts, but either way we can learn from them. Sometimes media is the best form of education. Just because the movie may have been made up, doesn’t mean we can’t learn valuable lessons on how to be a father.

Let me know in the comments if you think I’ve missed anyone. Would love to hear from you.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there and a huge HFD to my Dad. Thank you for being amazing to me and supporting me while I chase my dreams.