I was listening to the song “Let’s Play” by Kristina Maria in my car the other day. This song could be considered a guilty pleasure, but I’m never embarassed to say I dig a song – if it’s catchy and hooks me – cudos to them.


My head was bobbing, my toes tapping and after a couple of minutes I started to sing along without even realizing what I was saying. Then it hit me. Did I really just say “and if you wanna bring a friend, he’s more than welcome to join in. We’ll have triple times the fun, Yeah, this night has just begun”!? I felt like I could get herpes just repeating these words. What if my niece starting singing these lyrics? How could the radio let little kids hear these inuendos?

Then I remembered Divinyls.

When I was 9, I was driving in the car with my mom and the song “I Touch Myself” came on. I was singing lyrics like “I don’t want anybody else and when I think about you I touch myself” without a second thought as to what they might mean. I remember my mom looking at me like I just told her someone shot the Prime Minisiter. Horror. What did I say that was so bad? Thats the problem. Kids repeat things with no filter – just like when a grade 1 tells his teacher what his dad had to say about his mom’s new boyfriend last night.

Divinyls – I Touch Myself
I Touch Myself

I had no idea what “touch myself” meant at this point in my life so I sang along like they were talking about baking banana bread.

After Krisinta Maria’s song finished, I felt like a prude. I went into a little rant about the image some people are portraying to kids, but I had to remember that I sang along to songs like that when I was impressionable- and I didn’t turn into a mega-slut.

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