For this week’s Toe Jams Tops Lists we have the Top LPs of 2010. I asked Bodden his opinion on what he felt was the cream of the crop this year and although we both agreed that it was close to impossible to narrow it down to 20, here they are – well the first 12 anyway. We decided not to put them in a numbered order, but here are 6 of my top albums and 6 of Bodden’s. Make sure to come back Wednesday for the last 8 that we both agreed produced some real toe tappin’ jams.


Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt
As said in a previous post, The Tallest Man on Earth can be compared to a Swedish Bob Dylan with his storytelling style and strumming guitar and I think its his folk sensibility that really gets me on this album. He keeps the songs catchy while not over the top and simple but not boring. It’s a great album to have on at a cottage or while you’re hanging around the house.

The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt
[audio:|titles=01 The Wild Hunt – TMONE]

Tokyo Police Club – Champ
I read a review about Champ where the guy said that he was disappointed with it’s softer side and wanted more of their catchy sound. I couldn’t disagree more. I think my favourite parts of this album are after Breakneck Speed and Bambi where it starts to soften but keeps its beat. For four guys in their 20s, their lyrics about reminiscing and nostalgia show they are wise beyond years. This album came out in June and its songs still make my weekly rotation.

Tokyo Police Club – End Of a Spark
[audio:|titles=06 End of a Spark – Tokyo Police CLub]

The Drums – The Drums
Talk about making a great first impression. After The Drums put out their EP Summertime! to great reviews, they followed it up in June with their self-titled LP. This album’s single Let’s Go Surfing was a great soundtrack to my summer and the whole album has such a great surf-pop sound that even in the dark days of winter I feel the sweet touch of sunshine.

The Drums – Best Friend
[audio:|titles=01 Best Friend – the drums]

The Black Keys – Brothers
Even though Brothers doesn’t offer anything that brings their sound to a new level, these guys stay true to what they do best – rock ‘n’ roll. The Black Keys bring their blues influenced sound back with a great mix of songs that will have you shot-gunning beers and pining for a lost love all at the same time.

The Black Keys – Everlasting Light
[audio:|titles=01 Everlasting Light – the black keys]

Beach House – Teen Dream
Although Beach House has a history of ethereal dreamy jams, their sophomore effort Teen Dream offers tracks with a bit more of a back bone. After making an album in 2 days in a basement, the duo opted to use the money from their new bigger label to bring in producer Chris Coady who had worked with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and bring more depth. But I think no one captured the essence of their album better than member Alex Scally who said he wanted the album to “Capture the feeling of having a sex dream in biology class about your lab partner and then telling her your feelings at the school dance and then you make out while listening to the new Beach House album” Well said.

Beach House – Norway
[audio:|titles=03 Norway – beach house]

Future Islands – In Evening Air
This album has a sound that is new and refreshing. At first, you might not know what to think of Samuel T Herring’s voice but his Dracula-esque tone suits their sound perfectly. This album is artistic and sincere without being sappy and gets better every time I hear it. Check out this Toe Jams post for a full review of this album.

Future Islands – Inch of Dust
[audio:|titles=07 Inch Of Dust – future islands]


Of Montreal – False Priest
Of Montreal is keeping up a pretty good pace in terms of churning out the LPs. False Priest is their third LP in four years. Kevin Barnes rounded up a couple female guest (Janelle Monae and Solange Knowles) vocalists for this album and turned in a bit of a funk/R&B direction. The entire album can work pretty well at your New Years Eve Party, and a couple tracks are even made for the dance floor. If the track below interests you at all, I suggest you check out the album.

Of Montreal – Sex Karma
[audio:|titles=08 – Sex Karma – of montreal]

Free Energy – Stuck on Nothing
I became quite interested in this album when I heard it was being produced by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy. However, these guys are a pretty far cry from LCD Soundsystem. The album conisists of 10 power pop tracks. Pretty easy listening. Pretty great guitar playing. A definite “toe tapping” album. You can expect to be singing along after one spin. This guys didn’t reinvent the wheel with their sound, however, they know their sound and they nail it!

Free Energy – Dream City
[audio:|titles=02 – Dream City – free energy]

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. – Record Collection
I’m a pretty big fan of most Mark Ronson projects. He has a great ear for a good tune and always keeps it fresh. This album offers up a new sound for Ronson, although not really new at all. The album definitely has an 80s vibe, a stellar list of guest vocalists, and a healthy dose of tunes that were made for TV Commercials. I’m not in the market for a Hyundai, but I could totally hear a few of these tunes backing a Hyundai commercial in the near future.

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. – Record Collection – Lose It (In The End) feat. Ghostface Killah and Alex Greenwald

Das Racist – Sit Down, Man
Despite having quite an extensive music collection, I don’t have a whole lot dedicated to Rap. I appreciate many of the artists, however just don’t listen to it on a regular basis. I’m not sure how Das Racist ended up in my collection, but am very thankful it did. The beats are simple and have some pretty nice samples. It definitely allows the listener to appreciate the mad rhymes provided by Das Racist. They don’t mask behind million dollar produced beats. Some good old fashioned MC’n. Check it!

Das Racist – Luv It Mayne
[audio:|titles=08 luv it mayne (featuring fat tony & bo p) (produced by tom cruz)]

Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record
I’ll have to admit, I have never been a huge fan of BSS’s previous outputs. This album prompted me to revisit their catalogue. Although I gained a greater appreciation for the previous releases, this one still stands on top for me. It seems to be the most accessible and cohesive album. A great collection of tracks served up by some great Canadian talent.

Broken Social Scene – Art House Director
[audio:|titles=06 Art House Director]

MGMT – Congratulations
I wasn’t quite sure what to make of MGMT’s second album after the first spin. It was a definite departure from their debut. Where were the pop hits? Much more psychedelic this time around. There was definitely no “Kids” on this album. But I was committed to the album. It sounded better and better after each listen. I found it hard to pick out a track to showcase the album. It really sounds best while taking in the entire 9 tracks in one sitting. Even if tunes may not be made for radio, the listener can’t deny the music writing talents behind MGMT. Enjoy.

MGMT – Brian Eno
[audio:|titles=07 Brian Eno]

There was so much amazing music produced in 2010 so let us know you’re thoughts on these choices or who would have made your list and make sure to check back on Wednesday for the Top 8 that both Bodden I agreed were outstanding.

* If you are a member or manager of the above band and you would like your track removed, please contact us and we will swiftly oblige. Fans – new or old – please support these bands by using your coffee money to buy their records.