I usually don’t get too personal on these posts, but when I do, it’s to share something I hope you might find interesting. If you follow me (@ToeJamsMonica) or Monsters vs Me (@MONSTERSvsME) on Twitter, you know that I ran my first 5k race this weekend. I love to think that I am this super fit, athletic person who enjoys nothing more than a long run to get me going, but the truth is that although I love my daily walks around town, running was never my strong suit.

When I was young, I was a gymnast so I never thought about having to exercise to keep fit, I was just always this muscular little kid. My sister on the other hand bought Jane Fonda work out tapes at the age of 11 and would do 100 sit ups before we went to bed, to make sure she was in peak performance at all times – like someone was going to wake her up in the middle of the night and tell her to do 500 push-ups or they would send her to boarding school. So, while I quit gymnastics but kept eating Big Macs, she would tell me that one day I would gain weight like everyone else and that I better start running. I ignored her warnings and would only agree to run with her if she dressed up in ridiculous outfits while we ran around our small town. Even my sister wearing neon spandex could not ignite my passion for running.

Jump to 15 years later and my experience with the “Freshman 15” and just a more sedentary lifestyle in general. I didn’t recognize this former athlete in the mirror and it was time to make a serious change.

I am the first to admit that left to my own devices, I will sit at the computer and search for or read about music until the sun goes down – so I needed a goal – something that would be difficult, but attainable. A 5 kilometre race was the perfect challenge – and running to help the Trauma Centre in the next town over was the spark on this run to fan my flame of change.

But let’s get to the jams right? I trained for a couple of months and the run was a great personal accomplishment for me, but no run would have been possible without some great tunes to pump me up and keep me going. So if you’re thinking of getting in shape – whether it be walking, running, biking, kayaking….you get the idea, I hope this playlist can help ignite your athletic fire like it did for me.

click HERE to download the playlist.

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Happy Listening and Happy Running!
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