When I was finishing highschool they still had grade 13 – so even though I was technically in school – that meant 2 classes that I rarely attended. When I got to university I vowed to pull up my socks and make sure that I stayed on the educational track.

I know that I strayed a couple of times, but I thought for the most part that I was headed toward success that Fall Semester. I guess that’s what diaries are for. This is an entry I found from the 2nd week of classes:

“I can’t believe I was ever scared to live in Toronto! There is always so much going on and it makes Stoney Creek look like a tumble weed in the desert. I love my roomates – even though one has a toothbrush holder that mysteriously looks like a dildo – I think this whole University thing has the potential to be the best thing I’ve ever done.

So if I’m in the midst of the best time of my life, how am I supposed to get any work done when I have a chance to go to a concert instead of doing homework. This room is starting to look like a jail-cell. Cinder blocks? Really? I know I have an assignment due tomorrow but Faren and I have tickets for Goldfinger tonight and what kind of roommate would I be if I let her go alone? What will I remember more – this stupid assignment? or a concert that I may never get to see again? Well Monica I guess your choice is made.

You’re doing this for the sake of the stories you have to tell your grandchildren. No one wants to hear about how you stayed in and studied…and ate KD…and gained 25 pounds. They want to hear about adventure! I think there is an extra ticket, maybe I’ll call my new friend Mike.”

Goldfinger – Miles Away

Goldfinger – Mable

Wow. I was pretty convincing. Didn’t take much to talk myself into that one! but you know what? I still remember that concert. Faren, Mike and I went to the Kool Haus, which was then called The Warehouse and drank because we could and sang at the top of our lungs – I think we even made a rap about the whole adventure – something about Faren being in a van with the radio blarin’. It was a great night and in the end, I graduated University – It may have taken me 6 years, but I got a degree. So there you have it kids – university is just as much about the experience as it is the education – as long as you can maintain at least a 60 average.
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