My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people. ~ Orson Welles

Food. I love it. Scratch that, I am obsessed with it.

In a world in which I make some of my living throwing parties, I’ve never had to worry about addiction to the drugs or alcohol that comes with that lifestyle. Oddly enough, for me the danger has never been the Saturday night drinks but the hung-over Sunday pizza or the greasy breakfast needed to kick the headache from the night before.

Those that have known me for a while remember a larger version of the one you see today. Its true that at one point I tipped the scales just under 280 pounds, the result of consuming a giant bag of Doritos and at least five cans of pop every day for years. Inspired by my friend Mike’s quest to shed his weight, I too made a change. I put down the pop and picked up my running shoes, and the exercise, diet change, and even a little heartbreak got me down below 200 pounds (its tough to eat when a girl breaks your heart).

Despite losing all the weight I still continued to struggle. It’s no surprise when I say that harder than losing the weight is keeping it off – everyone knows that, but I really did give it my all. Mike’s inspiration showed up again and again, getting me in to P90X and keeping me pretty straight on my food choices. It was only last summer that I was feeling the best I ever had. P90X had allowed me to do one-handed push-ups, and I discovered the joy of replacing meals with a nutrient packed booster juice. I was no longer afraid to head out in to the summer sun sporting only a t-shirt, and jeans.

My how times have changed.

As is in the case with many people I meet, life got in the way of my goals.

I went on the road with rock band San Sebastian, which quickly brought me back to a life of fast food and no exercise. When I returned Christmas showed up with its constant obligations to eating, and then vacation after vacation had me feasting like a king but looking like whale.

I have returned to running, but my diet has fallen somewhere between Rosanne and Johna Hill’s, leaving me frustrated and rapidly expanding.

And then Jay Perry woke me up.

Jay posted a video about giving up potato chips, and to a food addict such as myself this was much more impressive than someone walking away from a life of cocaine or gambling. While presented very differently in society, all can be very dangerous vices.

Years ago I walked away from pop as one of my mine, however I find myself about to take that step again.

I went from five pops a day to zero, allowing myself only to have one at the movies, or special occasions like a Basketball game or day at an amusement park. I still adhere to these rules, but as a Raptors season ticket holder and movie fanatic, I find myself having more ‘treat days’ than regular days. Combine that with my dependency on energy drinks to get me through my dj sets, and I’m possibly worse off than I’ve ever been. So when Jay posted his video, I knew this was my chance to turn things around.

Today is day three without Soda or energy drinks for me and I couldn’t be more excited. I know it’ll be tough when I’m sitting at the arena or the movie theatre, but in the classic words of Mr. Perry ‘I got this.’

Follow my journey over the month of March on Monsters vs. Me and if you feel up to it, take up the cause yourself and give up to gain. Write in and let us know what your goal is – we’ll be here to cheer you on.