I first heard I Blame Coco when I came across her song Caesar Featuring Robyn as I was searching for more Robyn tunes to add to my collection. Caesar is an in-your-face electro pop jam that will get your rump shakin’ and should definitely be in rotation at your local stomping ground.

First of all, I was sure that this was a dude singing, or at least a young boy. I was wrong. I Blame Coco is a woman, and quite a beautiful one at that. She has a voice that is reminiscent of the great Neko Case and dances along the same gender line.

In listening to her EP The PreParty I found a sound that I wasn’t expecting, but couldn’t wait to hear more of. Caesar is a definite club jam but songs like Humner Humner and How did All These People Get In My Room have a chill, beach vibe that makes you want to do that hippie dance where you sway back and forth with your arms out like you’re waiting for a hug, but in the coolest way possible.

This album has a great flow that keeps you interested in what song might be coming next. She manages to keep her sound young and refreshing without mentioning shots of Patron or how badly she wants to get drunk at the club to forget how shitty her boyfriend is. The up-and-comer keeps her content light and relatable with songs like Silencio, which sounds like something you might hear in a circus scene from a Tim Burton movie.

One more thing I should mention, I Blame Coco’s real name is Eliot Sumner, the daughter of a famous musician. I did not know this when I first heard her, and found that I appreciated her music more viewing her as an artist first and celebrity spawn second. I suggest you listen to her music first, then click HERE to find out who her dad is. You can definitely hear his influence, but I like to look at it as a homage, rather than a riding of coat tails. Make sure to check for her newest release The Constant out this September.


How Did All These People Get In My Room – I Blame Coco

Caesar – I Blame Coco Featuring Robyn

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