Dirty Mags. No, not the ones you find shoved between the mattresses in your little brother’s room or the ones always found by train tracks and in forests for some reason. These Dirty Mags aren’t something you will want to hide or only listen to in the privacy of your own room. This quartet from Toronto, ON will have you calling every friend you’ve ever made and asking them if they want to come over and drink whiskey while you scream and dance around your house or shotgun beers in your backyard.

Mike, Justin, Peter and Greg may all range in age from 21-25 and have only been playing together for just over a year, but they are on the fast track to invading your radios. They’re currently working on their debut release on White Girl Records, but while I wait, I can’t get enough of their song “Blood Sweats”. Trust me when I tell you that you will be blaring this song tonight while you’re getting ready for your Hallowe’en bash, house party or night in with the cat.

These boys are set to tour with K-OS starting November 24th in Victoria so keep an eye out for this name in your local listings.

Happy Listening…or better yet, HAPPY HALLOWE’EN!