Cecil Frena may have started out as a member of numerous Canadian hardcore bands, but his newest project GOBBLE GOBBLE is far from making your ears bleed. After a couple of scream filled tours, Frena decided to try his hand at some instrumental tunes to give his voice a rest.

GOBBLE GOBBLE sounds like a poppy version of a Nintendo 64 soundtrack with just the right amount of distortion and playfulness. Their LP Neon Graveyard was released in early 2009 and they are currently on the Mobile Rave Infinitour that started in Edmonton on June 5th and slowly takes over the rest of Canada and parts of the United States before ending in Devon AB on November 21st. They have booked small clubs and legions to promote their brand of electro-pop fuzz and have vowed to play house parties in your city if a venue cannot be found.

GOBBLE GOBBLE have taken cues from The Postal Service and crafted some electro jams that take an engineered sound and soften it with great vocals and even better arrangements.

Make sure to check their MySpace for more tunes and a tour date near you.