I had a post ready to go for this week about cleaning my house and what I listen to while I dust the fur balls from behind my TV…exciting stuff. But as I checked my Facebook on Saturday morning and found out that The Girls Can Hear Us! were playing Club Absinthe, that changed everything. I hit the DELETE button on what I had written and prepared for something much more post-worthy.

The Girls Can Hear Us! is a Canadian-made outfit that had taken over my summer playlists with their remix of Lisztomania by Phoenix. The vocal stylings of Will Steep over top of the infectious beats of Phoenix was the recipe for good times that I was looking for.

There is nothing I love more than a good vocal swagger. Front man, Will Steep’s, delivery and phrasing of his rhymes work for me. A great example of this is his opening line, “You got my game all gone, like I feel so choked. I mean you look great but it’s more the fact you can take a joke” paired with the audible exhales between words. All I could think was, “Yup, more please.”

Lisztomania – The Girls Can Hear Us! Remix
[audio:http://www.monstersvsme.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Lisztomania-The-Girls-Can-Hear-Us-Remix.mp3|titles=Lisztomania (The Girls Can Hear Us Remix)]

I hadn’t gotten my hands on the newest mix tape The Predrink yet, so I made my way to the legendary Club Absinthe to see what he could offer me in a live venue. I won’t lie…I had some pretty big hopes.

Even with a club that was in the midst of an uncharacteristically slow night, Steep and crew played like there were 1000 fans waiting to be entertained. There is nothing I appreciate more than someone who gives the same intensity to their craft whether they are in front of their mirror at home or in front of an adoring crowd. It is impossible not to appreciate what they have put their heart and soul into. Will came out into the crowd, ready for whoever would take him.

After watching his set and dancing along – although a little disappointed I didn’t hear Lisztomania – I could not have been more impressed with what I met off-stage. This was a guy who was happy just to have the opportunity to perform. Although I had been informed he played to packed crowds before this event and had impressive sets lined up afterwards, he had an appreciation for a city that is still establishing itself as a place for bands to be seen and heard.

Will made time to chat about the negativity that exists in an area where everyone is looking for the same validation. We talked about how, although sharing negative opinions may generate more press, it is a positive attitude that will lead you to your greatest success.

It was refreshing to talk “music” with someone who shares my views on music critiques. As I said when I started this blog, I chose to talk about music that I think you will enjoy because it has touched me (or my dance moves) in some way. No one wants to hear me hate on someone or what they have created, because art in general, is subjective. We talked about campaigns that spread the love instead of the hate and how much more effective they were. In the vein of Monsters vs me, and enjoying what life has to offer instead of what it hasn’t given you yet, the outlook was refreshing to see from a guy that is on the cusp of being thrown into an industry where the critics will hate you before they hear you… and it’s your job to prove them wrong.

I saw a short interview with Penn and Teller on MTV randomly and the interviewer asked Penn his thoughts on the Justin Bieber phenomenon – half expecting a rant about his hair or his outfit – but instead he gave an answer that I loved. He said “ I love Justin Bieber and if he is what it takes to get young kids into music, more power to him.” He went on to say that people took pride in hating The Beatles, The Monkees and Elvis, but why waste your time trashing something that is obviously making others happy. My thoughts exactly.

But getting back to what The Girls Can Hear Us has to offer. Steep is the master of the remix and The Predrink proves this. I can see where the title came from because Will’s freestyles over some recognizable beats are the perfect soundtrack to do just that – predrink. But that’s not the extent of his talent. The Girls Can Hear Us debut LP Everyday – which was made with former bandmate Edmond Huszar but the two had an amicable split in June – is full of original tracks that rival all of the impressive remixes. This catalogue is the perfect playlist to any party and I can guarantee you that if your friends don’t already have the albums, they’ll be asking you where they can check this guy out by the end of the party. Click here to grab the album before you make any further plans.

Make sure you check back on Friday for a special interview with Will Steep. Remember, I always love hearing from you. And you know where to reach me.

Barbara Streisand – The Girls Can Hear Us! (Will Steep freestyle remix)
[audio:http://www.monstersvsme.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Barbra-Streisand-freestyle.mp3|titles=Barbra Streisand freestyle]

You Want It, I Want It – The Girls Can Hear Us!

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