Well now that I got your attention… I would like to talk about something even sexier than the above picture.

Random Acts of Kindness … oh ya so sexy!

You all must have heard the story of Edmonton Oilers player Gilbert Brule and his girlfriend Kelsey Nichol who picked up a hitchhiking Bono. That was pretty sexy. Although the good deed did not go unnoticed, it was a great display of generosity. I was at the receiving end of an act of kindness this week when I received flowers for NO reason at all. Can’t get any better than that- in my eyes! I witness kindness every time Toe Jams Monica and I walk passed an expired meter at the General Hospital in Hamilton, which she fills with her spare change to save someone from the diligent parking police in the area. I am pretty sure she has saved a lot of people from a pricey ticket, without them being aware of it.

Inspired by all three of the above examples I too wanted to try to give anonymously. So my intention was to do one nice RAK (Random Act of Kindness) each day. I wanted to do something nice for a friend or stranger each day and not tell anyone about it.

So the post ends here. I have nothing more to share but the encouragement to go out do something nice for someone else today! Feel free to share your story- anonymously. Buy a stranger a coffee. Send an anonymous thank you letter. Give a stranger standing on Barton St a giant hug on this sweaty day!

The sun never says to the earth, “You owe Me.” Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky. – Hafiz

Peace, peace, peace


NEXT WEEK! My dad and I make a yoga video for fathers day!