I am NOT a Doctor but I once played Doctor Mario for three hours in a single sitting.

Some see smoking as the epitome of cool. Many see it as disgusting. Few just can’t kick the habit but it’s safe to say everyone can agree that is beyond unhealthy. The Canadian Cancer Society estimates that smoking in Canada is responsible for 30% of all cancer deaths and is related to more than 85% of lung cancer cases.

A frequently asked question is, “Why should I quit?” If the above isn’t enough incentive, another HUGE benefit of quitting is that after ONLY 2 DAYS of giving up smoking, your sense of smell and taste IMPROVE! Think about that for a second

But, I can’t just be a straight up hater here; allow me play devil’s advocate for a moment. I’m sure there are some scenarios in which not having heightened taste and smell would come in handy, such as:

Licking a frozen pole (A Christmas Story)

Who could forget this excruciatingly painful scene from A Christmas Story where Flick gets his tongue stuck on a frozen pole? Imagine if you will, you were in the role of Flick for just a moment. You would have the taste of icy metal and blood in your mouth for days!

Yellow Snow Cone

Speaking of icy, at one time or another during our adolescence, almost all of us have been offered (and hopefully declined) the dreaded “yellow” snow cone. It doesn’t take a scientist to decipher what the secret ingredient is. If you have been unfortunate enough to be tricked into tasting this pee-utrid treat, it would pay to have a lower-than-normal sense of smell and taste!

Ok, ok, I tried to see it from both sides. Now, let’s get into some examples where it pays to quit smoking/getting your taste and smell back:

Scented Markers

Whether you are a teacher, a parent, an uncle like myself, or just someone who enjoys coloring or highlighting while being young at heart, scented markers are the way to go! With so many wonderful colors and smells to choose from – how could anyone put this in jeopardy by smoking?


Speaking of colorful and scented, who would want to compromise their opportunity to taste the rainbow? Put down your smokes and pick up some skittles they’re delicious!


How awesome is waking up to the elegant aroma of some scrambled eggs, sausage, toast, sizzling bacon and some freshly-squeezed OJ (juice, NOT Simpson)? And don’t even get me started on how amazing it tastes. So why not put the steps in place to take full advantage of this scenario in all of its morning glory?

So, in summary, as long as you avoid licking frozen poles and yellow snow cones, there is no reason not to QUIT SMOKING!

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Dr. Steve, Ph.D. (Pretty Helpful Dude)