This weekend we drove 5 hours to Perth for my cousin Bob’s wedding. He married Brandie who is not only one of the most loving people I’ve ever met, but I’m pretty sure her lineage links with Janis Joplin somewhere down the line. Although I’ve only ever heard her singing at family Christmases while we are all drinking, she serenaded her shiny new husband at their wedding and this time the tears flowed along with the beers. Welcome to the brood Brandie! Check out her Janis tribute below:

Well kids, even though today’s letter might be “B”, this post isn’t about Bob, Brandie or beer – it’s about Bombay Bicycle Club.

Jordan has set some music rules in our house – even though I would love to, I’m not allowed to pick what we listen to at all times. But something we’ve agreed on, is that I can be in charge of the soundtracks to our adventures. I take this job seriously and put a lot of thought into what we listen to on long drives. This trip was no exception.

I wanted an album that I love listening to but hadn’t shared yet. Something that was chill, but wouldn’t put us to sleep. Something that had variety and intrigue. The band that fit all of these criteria? Bombay Bicycle Club.

This British quartet from Crouch End, London won me over with their album I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose. If I’ve made you a playlist over the last while, you’ve probably heard the track “Always Like This” because I couldn’t get enough of this song. The opening bass is perfect and I love when it picks up again around the 2:35 mark.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Always Like This

They released their second album Flaws in 2010 and I was pleasantly surprised. Another great album and a treat for one of my favourite tracks. “Dust on the Ground” was one of those songs I put on repeat so when I heard the slowed acoustic version on the new record – this band had me patiently waiting for what was to come next.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Dust On The Ground

Bombay Bicycle Club – Dust on the Ground (acoustic)

The boys won the Best New Band honours at the NME awards in 2010 and I was expecting to start hearing a lot more about these Brits. They beat out bands like The xx, The Big Pink and Mumford & Sons. But, as I started hearing big buzz around these bands…Bombay Bicycle Club stayed under the radar – but I have a feeling they’re about to explode. And judging from Jordan’s reaction to our road-trip soundtrack – he thinks so too.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Ivy & Gold

They have a new album Shuffle coming out at the end of the month and I can’t wait to hear what the rest of the release has to offer. The first single aptly titled “Shuffle” has a little more pop to it than their previous stuff, but I know not to lump BBC into any category just yet. I’ll let my ears be the judge of that.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle

Make sure to click HERE to grab all of their albums and let me know what you think!! I always love hearing from you.

Happy Listening!

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