I am NOT a doctor…and I am not a hot dog eating champion, though I considered the profession for a spell back in the 90’s.

This week’s entry will be short and sweet (that’s what she said) but will hopefully open your eyes and close your mouths when it comes to excessive hot dog consumption and your kids.

I love hot dogs, especially in a bbq or camping setting, but I love them less after I read this excerpt from a Joe Wilkes article:

“A study in Los Angeles found that kids who ate 12 hot dogs a month had 9 times the risk of developing leukemia.”

It’s a scary, but very informative fact. But, easier said than done when most kids are picky eaters so sometimes it’s a small victory getting them to eat anything.

Now is Joe saying, “DON’T FEED YOUR KIDS HOT DOGS EVER AGAIN?” Nah. He even lists some alternatives:

“For hot dogs, read labels carefully. Turkey dogs are usually a good bet, but some are pumped up with a fair amount of chemicals and extra fat to disguise their fowl origins. Look for low levels of fat, low sodium, and a list of ingredients you recognize. There are some tasty veggie dogs on the market, although a good deal of trial and error may be involved for the choosy child.”

[hard to decipher medical words]

Dr. Steve, Ph.D. (Pretty Helpful Dude)