I went on a Spanish adventure this summer and ended my trip in a place called San Sebastian. It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. Surfing, mountains, ocean, beach, history – it had everything. I actually contemplated quitting my job and moving there – then again, that might have been the 2 dollar bottle of wine talking.

But as I sat on a rock ledge watching the sun set, I knew why a favourite local band called Pumps decided on San Sebastian for a name change – it was everything anyone would ever want, all in one place.

This crew that includes 2 sets of brothers and Ted, release their long awaited debut on October 4th. My favourite albums, and especially the ones I love to share, are ones that I put on and don’t have to touch. I’m not scrambling for the remote to skip a song because it’s a dud in the midst of an otherwise flawless album. These boys have managed to put together a catchy album from front to back – there are no rocks in the road to ruin this beautiful bike ride.

San Sebastian’s album Relations may have taken longer than expected to hit my library, but I appreciate a band that doesn’t rush an album to make sure they ride the hype. These Hamiltonians waited until they had something they would be proud to put their name on and it shows. They have their album streaming on Much Music and MTV because they know that once you hear it, you’ll have to have it.

I have this bands previous album when they played as Pumps and while they were definitely on the right track, this album is a whole new ball game. It’s polished and thoughtful and some favourite songs have been re-worked to bring a fresh start. Speaking of ball games, check out a clip from this band’s Sibling Skirmish series. The Veermans and Dawsons have some serious competitive streaks – but anyone with siblings can relate to these hilarious videos. Make sure to catch the drinking competition video too, I laughed out loud.


Their songs “Wake Up” and “Young Youth” have had a lot of air play in Canada, but Greg, Mike, Sean, Brodie and Ted have put out an album with a range of songs that I love. I can go from shaking my shoulders to pondering my relationships all within roughly 40 minutes.

San Sebastian – Young Youth

Relations opens with the track “Baby” that offers a classic rock ‘n’ roll sound, then goes into tracks like “Dead Secrets” with a bit of a beach vibe and ends with “Somebody” that has lyrics like “Everybody is somebody’s plan B” isn’t that the truth? “Somebody” has all the ingredients for becoming my goosebump track with its soft vocals and gradual build ups. The breakdown around the 2:20 mark gets me everytime. One of those songs you put on repeat after one listen.

San Sebastian – Baby

These boys have put out an album that was definitely worth the wait. Sometimes I think that if I was a musician I would spend a lot of time wondering where my music was being heard. Was it getting someone through a break-up? Was it being played to dear friends at a party? Or was it something that people sang along to at the top of their lungs while driving in their car. This album can do all of those things…and maybe have you dancing around your apartment while your cat stares at you wondering how she ended up in this house.

Make sure you pre-order your copy HERE!

Happy Listening!


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