Who: You.
What: Monsters vs Me Invades I Say Disco/You Say Punk – Halloween Edition.
Where: Club Absinthe – 233 King Street E., Hamilton.
Why: Cause you hate your job and need to let loose.
When: October 25th, 2011
How: Cab, or your little sister.

Written by Billy Pozeg:

THIS IS the city’s biggest indie/post-punk/new wave/hip-hop/dance/halloween costume party EVER. Week after week it’s been non-stop party insanity and now we can to get wasted in costumes this week! We want your face paint smeared and Halloween costume on somebody else when you wake up Sunday afternoon wondering…where did it all go RIGHT!

For this night of terror we’ll be having DJ AA of ROCKSTARS FOR HIRE and NO STANDARDS fame murdering the dancefloor with killer tracks alongside DJ ENGRISH hammering your ears with dancey goodness. Trick or treat? The infamous MC UNCLE BUCK will be on the mic making sure you go home with a complete stranger in a costume to make some bad decisions. What a treat! But it also might be a dude in that Elmo costume he sends you with. Dirty trick! But that’s the fun of it all. We never said we were full of all good surprises. We do have one though, THE RETURN OF INDI 101.5FM’S GUNNER to the DJ booth! That’s right this mess of a monster mash will be LIVE-TO-AIR, this week and EVERY week. Spooky…we know.

ALSO we’ve got infamous photographer JAY PERRY [www.jayperry.ca] of the city-acclaimed blog MONSTERS VS ME [www.monstersvsme.com] snapping you in your costume. It may be the only memory of the night you have so you better get in there and show us those horrifying poses. Costume or not.

PLUS because we love you all and know how hard some of you worked on your costumes, so we’ll be giving out PRIZES FOR BEST COSTUME which will include some ghastly beverages. Also, just like every week we’ve got $2 PBR AND MIXED DRINKS TILL MIDNIGHT! Jeepers creepers! So come join us at CLUB ABSINTHE to party with the scariest group of people you’ll ever meet. It’d still be the truth even if it wasn’t Halloween.