Sometimes in the music industry, a band receives a call saying: “if you can get us a photo by tomorrow at 12:00pm, we will run a story about you guys in our magainze”.

Sure, its last minute. Sure, its rushed. But hey, I’ve been in that situation before too.

So last week, friends in the new band out of Hamilton, The Lyra Transmission (ex-Subdominant), had this exact situation happen to them. I got a call around 4pm from bassist Marc Cote asking if I could do a shoot for them that night so they could get in the next issue of the The View Magazine.

Of course I would, I mean, what are friends for?

So here’s two samples of the shoot we did. Last minute or not, we still managed to pull together some great work.

With that being said, The Lyra Transmission have their debut show this Saturday at Absinthe. I recommend checking them out. View full details on their myspace at

Make sure to pick up this weeks edition of The View Magazine for the full article and one of my photos.

Good luck with the show guys.