It’s hump day – literally (if you’re lucky) or figuratively – which means you’re one step closer to the freedom that awaits you at the end of another monotenous work week. And since I’m just the kind of music snob who’s both generous and arrogant enough to believe that you need to like the music that I like – I present to you a downloadable mini-mix* to help you get through your personal hell.

Downloadable Link:

(it’s only good for 7 days so…)

Track List:

1. Blood – The Middle East
2. Gold and Warm – Bad Veins
3. First – Valley Maker
4. Karen – Chew Lips
5. I’ve Got Friends – Manchester Orchestra

A few notes on the above bands:

1. The Middle East are from the largest island (I mean, continent) in the world – otherwise known as Australia – and they play enough interesting instruments on stage to put a symphony to shame
2. Bad Veins are simply badass, even if they are hippy hipsters
3. Valley Maker started off as Austin Crane’s creative approach to his honors thesis at Columbia
4. Chew Lips front-womans name is Tigs. Who really cares about anything else when youre as cute as she is and your name conveniently also happens to be Tigs?
5. Manchester Orchestra. Like Nike, just do it.

* If you are a member or manager of any of the above bands and you’d like your track removed, please contact us and we will swiftly oblige. Fans – new or old – please support these movers and shakers by using your coffee money to buy their records.