Come June and July, I am always on the lookout for a great album that can keep my attention for the 4 hour drive to the cottage. Last year was Passion Pit’s Manners that came out in May, and by June, it was full force on my iPod.

This year, Suckers new album Wild Smile was a great way to start my summer. The album has a great mix of songs that can have me screaming along or humming through a daydream. I don’t even care that the lyrics sound like something you would find in a drunken text message, because these guys tear through arrangements like Hulk Hogan’s shirt in the 80s.

It certainly isn’t something you’ve never heard before (with a little mix of Wolf Parade and Modest Mouse), but sometimes being the innovator is just as good as being the inventor.

All this cottage music talk is making me thirsty for a cold beer on a hot dock. Cheers to great summertime tunes!

Check out Black Sheep by Suckers and a cover of Tonight Tonight by Passion Pit. (you can download this cover and a bunch of others for free at

Let me know what you think.

Black Sheep – Suckers

Tonight Tonight – Passion Pit

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