In honour of the Thursday night lineup, (well, re-runs of the line up) here is a jam by Community star and former 30 Rock writer Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino. He put out his first album in 2008 and has already put out 3 mix tapes in 2010.

I was a little skeptical about what I might hear coming from a comedian, and had my fingers crossed that it had nothing to do with a boat or a dick in a box, so I was happy to find this funny man’s rhymes were legit.

There seems to be a colliding of worlds with new hip hop artists sampling indie acts… and I like it. Glover’s mix tapes I am just a Rapper and I am just a Rapper 2 sample bands like Sleigh Bells and Discovery, and Michigan native Gilbere Forte samples Freelance Whales for his debut. I have a soft spot for good hip hop tunes so this clash of the titans works for me.

Childish Gambino has a dash of Lil’ Wayne in his delivery, but keeps it fresh with his one-liners. He sampled some of the best sounds of 2009 and 2010, but his own original beats on his latest release Culdesac are getting the thumbs up too.

Say word. This shit is dope.

You can get his mixed tapes here for FREE.

I be on that – Childish Gambino

1st Floor – Gilbere Forte

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