On Thursday, I was invited by my friends who run Bro Mondes, to come out and attend an event at the Hamilton Art Gallery by the people responsible for CLiC

What is CLiC?

CLiC is a fresh collective of like minded individuals under 45, coming together with the Art Gallery of Hamilton to create an awareness of art, culture and community.

It was a great time and I met some amazing people doing incredible things in Hamilton.

I was also invited to come out and shoot at the CLiC after party presented by Newmans Menswear at The Augusta House. First off, for all those who have never been to Newmans Menswear, I strongly suggest you visit their store and I challenge you to try and go there without buying anything. It’s impossible. Amazing prices and even more amazing clothing. Check them out online here: www.newmansmenswear.ca

The night was a great success and a big thanks to Bro Mondes for bringing me out. These guys are doing outstanding work and I envy their passion.

Bro Mondes – bromondes.com
Newman’s Menswear – newmansmenswear.ca
The Augusta House – theaugustahouse.com