Baby you’re a firework -Katy Perry

Fireworks are what I saw, goose bumps are what I felt, tears are what I tasted and sparks are what were created when I read Marie Woodford’s poem to my yoga class last week. Thank you Mrs. Woodford for your inspiration and for making sparks fly all the way from your grave. I can’t wait to share your beautiful words about love very soon with readers, but before I do, I want to investigate and understand “the sparks.”

I began my search like I would begin any search- I googled it. Yes I typed in the phrase “How do sparks form?” in the trusty search engine and this is what I found:

The light emitted by a spark does not come from the current of electrons itself, but from the material medium fluorescing in response to collisions from the electrons…When they fall back to their original energy levels, they emit the energy as light…blah, blah, blah

Physics always confused me. I knew I learned all about sparks and energy in high school so I thought back to science class. Mmmmm yes, I remember Mr. Hottie Cherottie my science teacher. How could I forget those dimples, fluffy hair and the tight polo shirt that showed off his big muscles? If I knew where the hottie was today I sure would like to make some sparks with him now. Something I do remember from science class is that everything is energy- the sun, batteries, food, metal objects and people. We are energy. If you don’t believe me just get a balloon, rub it on your head and see what happens. Anything made of energy has the ability to create sparks.

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of 2 chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.
-Carl Jung

Here is my own two-part scientific equation on how to create sparks in your life:

x= (all things positive)² – (all things negative)

1) Breakdown of (all things positive)²

Fill your life up with positive friends. I have the most amazing friends- Jess, Alice, Michelle, Holly, Lena, Anna and Mon. They all give off the most amazing energy. When Jess is around you can’t help but smile. The girl is always smiling. I used to think that it is because she is an orthodontist and her teeth were kinda like her business card, but now I know she is just a positive, breathtaking ray of light. Then I have the triple threat- Michelle, Alice & Holly, and when one or all of them are around, all you want to do is let loose, laugh and have a good time. I used to think that it was the wine that did it to me, but now I understand that it is their energy that is intoxicating. Lena is the whimsical, flower child of the group. Luckily I get to live with this beautiful thing and any time I am upset Lena picks me up and tells me that everything is going to be okay. Anna (aka Go Fork Yourselves Anna) has such an appetite for life you can’t help but be inspired to get off your ass and seize the day. Then there is Mon (aka Toe Jams Monica) – the powerhouse. I always joke, when she is in my yoga class, that she is freakishly strong for a little thing but I am not joking, she has such strong energy. Mon shares her powerful energy with everyone she meets. She actually has the ability to magnify you with her presence. When my batteries are low Mon acts as the jumper cables to reignite my passion for life. When Jay welcomed me to the MvM team he said I approached him, well it wasn’t out of my own doing, it was Monica who saw my abilities before I did and gave me the light I needed to shine. Thanks Mon for being the most amazing friend ever!

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. –Rumi

Marinate in positivity. When you are surrounded by positivity you have no other choice but to feel inspired to sparkle. It was my yoga practice that allowed me to come to this realization. Every time I enter my yoga studio my whole attitude is elevated. I see it so clearly when I teach. I can actually feel the positive heat from my students. All my classes are wonderful but there is something about my Sunday hot class at De La Sol that is so special. I think it is the wonderful group that attends that class (Renee, Judy, Jane, Jody, Christine, my dad …actually everyone). All the students are so passionate about their yoga practice they actually make 90 minutes of pure magic in that room.

Share your positivity with others. Sometimes we fear that by sharing positivity we will lose our power. Like if we compliment someone and tell them how great they are we will elevate them to a higher level and we will get left behind. This is false. I have my own scientific analogy to explain this one. Many of you who are well versed in the language of love will understand my analogy. It is like making love to your lover. When you say, “Oh baby, oh baby you are amazing!” your partner doesn’t stop what they are doing do they? NOPE they just get empowered and become an even better lover. It feels good to share your positivity.

The law of attraction says like attracts like. Positivity draws in more things that are positive. Negativity draws in more things that are negative.

2) Breakdown of – (all things negative)

Don’t get attached to other people’s negativity. Don’t let energy vampires suck the positivity out of your life.

Don’t get consumed by negative thoughts. Energy vampires don’t only come in the form of people they also come in the form of thoughts. Thoughts are energy too. When we think something our bodies manifest it. When we are negative we frown and have the “I just smelled something bad stink face,” and when we are positive we smile.

When we create something, we always create it first in a thought form. If we are basically positive in attitude, expecting and envisioning pleasure, satisfaction and happiness, we will attract and create people, situations, and events which conform to our positive expectations. -Shakti Gawain

So I embraced my quest to live yogically all week long. Luckily, it was a holiday here in Canada called “Family Day” and I got to see my wonderful family for 3 dinners. I went out with my beautiful lady friends all weekend long! I got to have a one-on-one yoga session with a passionate, aspiring yoga teacher Christine. All 6 of my yoga classes did not disappoint and I was met with enthusiasm in all of them- including the one for a group of big Hamilton footie players (I heard a couple F bombs in the class but they were followed by smiles). I also ran into situations that weren’t positive but I was aware when negativity entered the room. As soon as I noticed, I reminded myself not to allow it to feed off my positive spirit and not attach or respond to my friend’s constant negativity. I hope one day he will be able to realize- if he loves life, life will love him back!

I will never stop investigating and creating sparks in my life. Whether the sparks come in the form of a crush on a teacher, beautiful poetry, uplifting articles, friends or positive thinking- I vow to set off fireworks in my life each and every day.

Peace, peace, peace


NEXT WEEK! I am officially addicted to LIVING YOGICALLY. My behavior has become mildly obsessive. Next week I wrap my head around this new obsession.