On March 13th 2009, I purchased the domain name monstersvsme.com and was to use it as a blog to showcase my photography. Who knew that two years later, we would be at this point.

It’s been such an amazing two years for myself and the entire MvM team. The biggest thing that I’m happy about is that it’s turned my ‘MY’ to ‘OURS’. No longer is it just my personal blog, but now a website featuring multiple blogs and contributors writing about their passion. A huge thank you goes out to the MvM trio known as Team Turbo Babes. Monica Farago (Toe Jam Mondays), Natalie Jakymyshyn (Living Yogically), and Anna Farago (Go Fork Yourself) have brought such a hard working attitude to the team and not only do they bring amazing content to the site each week but they make my job that much easier. On July 12th 2010, Monica made her very first post on MvM. It was still with the old site design and had my face on the top banner. People still thought of MvM as my site but she didn’t care. This was a window of opportunity where she could spread her love for music to numerous people world wide. And so it began, MvM’s very first contributor that wasn’t named Jay Perry. She has not missed one week and is responsible for so much of the traffic that comes to MvM. All I can say is… You Rule!!! and Thank You! Natalie is also an amazing team member and a great inspiration. This is her year. Look for big things to come for Living Yogically. As for Anna….. just think of a hard working Monica, but on steroids. If you need something done, done right, and done on time, Anna is your girl…… and she is probably certified/licensed for it too. You guys are amazing and thank you for joining the team.

On March 31st 2009, I checked the web statistics for that month. Monsters vs Me received 850 unique visitors for the entire month. I was so excited. I couldn’t believe that 850 people cared enough to check it out. Lets just say I was quite the happy kid. Well thanks to Team Turbo Babes and everyone else who has helped with the site, Monsters vs Me received over 30,000+ visitors for the month of February 2011. That is quite the jump in two years. So these stats should prove to everyone that yes, hard work does pay off.

So as Jerry and Monsters vs Me turns 2 today, I can’t wait to see what this year brings. Look for a lot more video blogs and work within the community as well as keep following our contributors amazing work.

The list of people to personally thank is way too long, but I just want each and every one of you to know how much everything you have done for Monsters vs Me has meant to me. The success of this site and this day wouldn’t be possible without all of you. Thank you for being a piece of the puzzle.

With that being said…… With a birthday… comes a PARTY!!!!!!!

Where?? When?? How?? Who??

This is an open invite to all. Come join Jerry and myself as we celebrate MvM turning 2 on March 30th at Club Absinthe in Hamilton, Ontario. Doors will open at 10pm and I highly suggest getting there by 10:30pm as the last MvM party reached capacity by 11pm.