VIEW THE PHOTOS FROM THIS PARTY HERE – Monsters vs Me Invades Motown at Club Absinthe Photos – April 27 2011 – Part 1

When: Wednesday, April 27th 2011
Where: Club Absinthe — 233 King Street East — Hamilton, Ontario
Time: 10:00pm — 2:30am

Written by Billy Pozeg

So there you are, sitting around after work on the last Wednesday of the month. Only a few days into the work week and you’ve got the i-want-it-to-be-the-weekend-already-itch. “But what is there to do tonight?” you ask. Welp, the first thing you should do is look up and realize that you have been living under a rock since you haven’t heard of the infamous monthly party invasion known as ‘Monsters vs Me Invades Motown’.

For years we’re sure you’ve heard of the city-staple known as Motown Wednesdays, the insane mid-week party that just won’t stop. Well downstairs the regular weekly Motown party will continue triumphantly as usual with Jeremy Miller on the decks spinning the hits of yesteryear but once a month we more than willingly let ourselves be invaded by to give you an over the top, out of control night that you WON’T remember. Be sure that you’re going to wake up with a glorious hangover and your ears ringing since DJ Uncle Buck turned up the party tunes to 11 the night before and outpartied you. After you’ve cleaned yourself up head over to your computer to get that famous “your photo has been taken” link on your Facebook wall. While being dumbfounded head over to the website to see some photos taken by MvM photog Jay Perry ( and you’ll ask “Who is THAT party monster!?”, well look a bit closer and you’ll realize it’s YOU. You can consider that a goal, and a mission statement.

We HIGHLY recommend you get there early as our parties tend to hit capacity around the 11pm mark. There’s nothing lamer than being stuck outside in a line and watching people having fun. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better all MvM parties are FREE. That’s right, NO COVER. Trust us, you aren’t going to want to be anywhere else in the world on April 27th.