If you could be anyone else, anything else or any other being, for a 24 hour period, what would you be?

This was a writing prompt for a website that I visit on a weekly basis. Some people answered the question with humor, saying they would be their wife so that they would leave their old selves the hell alone (actually maybe this wasn’t a joke). Then there were the dozens who answered with a very long winded, boring answer about how perfectly happy they were being themselves, they couldn’t imagine being anyone else, blah, blah, blah.

The dreamers are the saviors of the world. Be one of those dreamers. -Dr Wayne Dyer

My answer was clear.

I would spend the day as a Latina.

Hands down, I would be a sexy, curvy, salsa dancing, Spanish-speaking, vibrant Latina named Maria (extra emphasis on the R). I could picture myself right now- I would wear bright red lipstick and flowing dresses with plunging necklines. I would be married to a man named Carlos with a long, greasy pony tail, who would always be shirtless so that everyone could see his tanned, manly chest. When I would go anywhere I wouldn’t just walk, I would salsa dance from place to place. I would be a Zumba instructor, not because I needed the money, but so I could spread my vibrant spirit to all those I taught.

I freakin love Latin culture. It is filled with so much passion. I work with two spicy Latinas at the hospital and they both ooze a very sexy, vibrant spirit. When I walk by their desks at work I catch them salsa dancing, as they sit in their cubicles typing or talking to doctors on the phone. They are great- I mean, we all do the same research and it does not inspire me to dance. They both wear huge smiles, worthy of a toothpaste advertisement. Rumor has it they brought tequila to the big, snooty investigators meeting in Toronto last week. They are a party, a true blessing to have at work and an inspiration.

Those who live passionately
Teach us how to love
Those who love passionately
Teach us how to live

Rox and Nancy thanks for loving life so much. You both have shown me that when life gets a little tough just throw on some Spanish music and dance the blues away. Well I am proud to announce that I did one better- I booked a trip to Spain, with some of my favorite people. So I get to live my dream of being a Latina, for more than a day. Wooooooo!

So no posts from me for the next three weeks (there may be a small one from the beach but I don’t want to promise anything). I am sure to have some great stories for when I get back.

Until then!

Peace, peace, peace