When: Wednesday August 3rd 2011
Where: Club Absinthe – 233 King Street East – Hamilton, Ontario
When: Doors at 10pm

As written by Billy Pozeg:

Well you can call this a good ol’ switcheroo, but we just call it building anticipation to the biggest party of the month. For the first time we’re switching our monthly MvM party to the first week of the month which is Wednesday August 3rd. Why you ask? Why not. It’s still the same mega-rager you know and love, just a week later. We’ll all just have to party a little harder to make up for the wait. Staff will be providing extra high-fives to boost party morale.

As always we’ve got Jay Perry, CEO of Monsters VS Me providing proof of all those mistakes we like you to make for the city-acclaimed
photoblog [www.monstersvsme.com]. With DJ Uncle Buck shredding the turntables we’ve also got a special guest for this one, the one and only Jay Kelly [TnG]. It’s just extra fuel to the party fire folks.

So what do you need to join the party of your lifetime? Just a piece of ID and the burning desire to outparty yourself. That’s it, because as always MvM parties are FREE. How much more convincing do you need? None. Just like I thought. It’s time to unleash the party monster inside of you.

Hope to see you all out!

Poster Design: Billy Pozeg