I am NOT a doctor…but I want to deliver the knock-out punch to heart disease!

The Heart & Stroke Foundation recommends Canadians make active living part of their daily lives. You don’t even have to go for an intense workout to get these healthy benefits. Just 30 minutes most days of the week is all it takes to start, and everything counts, even gardening, housework or dancing with your kids.

How awesome is that? Simple too! Physical activity is a very important staple to lower your risk of heart disease. If you are looking for that intense workout, however, maybe take a page from the book of Balboa*. (*Authors note: NOT a real book)

Rocky Balboa was a fictional boxer, but the emotion he emanates when preparing for a big fight is insane! Whether it’s Ivan “I must break you” Drago, Clubber “I pity da fool” Lang or Apollo “You got a stew going” Creed, no one is safe from the Rock once he trains, loses and then trains even harder!

Don’t believe me, check this out:


Like stated earlier, everything counts so don’t go nuts. A little physical activity daily is all it takes to become undisputed champion in the fight against heart disease!

[Eye Of The Tiger]

Dr. Steve, Ph.D. (Pretty Helpful Dude)