It is easy to make things difficult and very difficult to make things easy. –David Swenson

I had the pleasure to attend a workshop hosted by David Swenson this weekend. For those of you reading that have no idea who David is- well, he is pretty much the Godfather of the yoga community. His knowledge was evident and a lot of learning took place. Even though Mr. Swenson is a yoga celebrity with a complex yoga practice, his messages were simple and reaffirming. I love a good metaphor and David had plenty of them. He related the practice of yoga to cats, jumping off burning buildings and going bald. I loved everything that came out of his mouth.

I always love when messages are delivered in simple terms. Just like the typical Italian, mofia Godfathers we see on tv. They don’t need to say much to get a big, important lesson across to their audiences.

I agree with the yoga Godfather. I make things so much harder than they need to be. Yes, both on and off of my yoga mat. The first example that comes to mind is my refusal to buy a parking pass at work. I will do anything to avoid the $60/month fee to park my car in the parking lot close to the hospital. I would rather park it miles away, dodge a train, and hop the fence in the pouring rain to avoid the fee. The best part is, I receive more than $60/month worth of parking tickets (picture below to prove it). So why am I making things so difficult? It would be so much easier to just buy a parking pass.

Peace, peace, peace