I am NOT a real doctor…but I am a real worm, I am an actual worm.

I would like to take this moment to talk about the Super Crawl event that took place last Saturday on James Street North in Hamilton. It was eleven hours long and it just made me appreciate my city even more than I currently do.

I was there with my buddy Neil, selling shirts from our clothing brand, Try This On For Size. I also have another brand called High Fives 2 Help Lives – which aims to give out free high fives and free awareness about cancer, heart disease and other concerns. Thanks to Neil, I also have t-shirts printed and $5 from each shirt sold is donated to a specific charity. The best seller is a shirt that simply says ‘high fives fight cancer’, with five bones going to The Juravinski Cancer Hospital. Obviously, I started HF2HL because of what my family endured with cancer and heart disease, so it hits close to home for me…and also a very special little girl as well.

She was no more than eleven or twelve years old as she approached the table and asked how much the ‘high fives fight cancer’ tee was. I informed her it was $15 and $5 goes to Juravinski. She returned minutes later with a $5 bill in her hand and simply said, “I don’t need the shirt, but can you please donate this to the cancer hospital?” I was overwhelmed at the AMAZINGLY good deed, almost to the point of tears. I gave her the shirt anyways and then her Father gave me an additional $5 for the shirt.

This little girl was ready to give her last $5 away, getting nothing back in return except for knowing that she’s helping other people in their fight against cancer. We can all learn a lesson from this little girl…

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Dr. Steve, Ph.D. (Pretty Helpful Dude)