When I was in University I had a class that was supposed to teach me how to use Adobe Photoshop. I got to class on the first day and they gave us an assignment right away. My teacher said “I’m giving you an assignment to see where you are with basic Photoshop skills. Design a CD cover using multiple layers”

I guess Toronto Universities didn’t realize that not every highschool taught their students how to use computers or used anything better than a Beta player to watch movies.

I went to highschool out in the country where “computer rooms” didn’t exist, but there was no shortage of rusty lockers and truckloads of immigrants picking fruit in the field next door.

So, after days of frustration, my teacher’s simple assignemt turned into a nightmare for me. No inspiration and no skills. Not a good combo to start off my year.

I finally decided on a band that I was listening to on repeat at the time. I got Damone’s album From The Attic as a gift from my friend Jamie and didn’t stop listening to it until my roommate hid it from me. “Frustrated Unnoticed” and “On My Mind” were blaring from my room as I ripped my hair out looking for anything to get my creative juices flowing.

Damone – Frustrated Unnoticed

Damone – On My Mind

I finally decided that attempting to deceive my teacher was my only way out. I hand crafted my cd cover, scanned it, opened it in Photoshop and hoped he didn’t notice that my “layers” were created with glue instead of Photoshop.

This is from my journal at the time. Pretty groundbreaking stuff right there.

I got 4/10 on this and only because he applauded my cutting and pasting skills. I still suck at Photoshop, but still have a soft spot for Damone.

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