I am NOT a doctor…but I am one thankful dude and I want to do my best to give back.

Now that another Thanksgiving weekend is in the books, I wanted to take a moment and hopefully encourage people to list what they are grateful for this holiday season.

I am super fortunate and grateful to have a happy, healthy family, which includes two wonderful nephews and an amazing girlfriend! I also have the opportunity to pursue a lot of my goals, which is something I couldn’t be happier about.

In life, it’s easy to let the small, trivial stuff pile up, allowing you to lose sight of what is really important. If things seem overwhelming, stressful and/or tough, take a step back and look at EVERYTHING …you may be surprised how much good is in your life. Something my Mom always says has stuck with me to this day, “Someone always has it worse than you do.” Now, that’s not to downplay the severity of your problems, but keep that quote in mind during a rough patch – it may make it seem less rough.

So take stock in what really matters in life, be thankful and please try to do what you can do give back and help others.

[Treat everyday like it is Thanksgiving]

Dr. Steve, Ph.D. (Pretty Helpful Dude)